Thursday, September 15, 2011

So What's UP?

Apparently, not my blog.  After more than a month of nothing, I have decided to call this quits.  I'm sure that all of my followers (2) are relieved to know that they will no longer have to look for something new only to be disappointed that there is nothing new.

Blogging was fun!  I started chef wannaB as a learning tool for me during culinary school.  Writing about what you do helped me remember what I had learned.  It made me feel witty, somewhat smart and people gave me compliments even when you know that you're not that smart or witty and your  importance depends on the time of day.  Like feeding time for our dogs.

My chef wannaB life is still going even if it is at a slower pace.  I'm doing some private chef gigs and larger catering jobs with my school chum Nancy.  Cooking for friends and Chris is still fun.  I check out all the Food Sections of our local Newspapers and still subscribe to Bon Appetite.  I have found a new source of food enjoyment on KCET, our local PBS station.  Three days a week they broadcast shows that run the gamut from Italian to BBQ to Thai food.  No commercials and no celebrity chefs, just good info.  And, I have my own 600 Sq Ft garden to select the freshest produce you can find.

So thanks for hanging in there with me and all the kind words.  I'm on Facebook and that old fashion thing called email.  (

Write me a note or befriend me and we'll still be connected.

Addio per ora i miei amici,

chef wannaB