Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Getting and Giving Back

Tuesday we were out and about doing stuff.  We had updated our family trust and were on our way to lunch when Chris received a call from the 818 area code.  Now that area code is where Sylmar resides and we instantly knew something was up with Dylan.  The GDA veterinarian was calling to explain that Dylan was continuing to show signs of ear infections and spotting on her skin.  In short, they were dropping her from the program.  She explained that the blind are unable to spot these conditions, therefore it is in their and Dylan's best interest that she not continue.  As I explained in my last post, the first two weeks are used primarily for health exams.  Dylan was not able to get pass these two weeks.

So now what happens?

Today we traveled up to Sylmar and brought her back.  She becomes our new pet and a member of the family.  We'll get her medical records and have her examined again to see if these allergies are food related or related to something else.  Bailey gets her baby sister back.  She may even stop moping around.  I really think this has been hard on her without a playmate to pal around.

Hey, remember me?

Dylan still needs more training. She is apt to run off when she is off leash, so boundary training is in my immediate future.  She can't go into restaurants anymore, or visit museums or the Hollywood Bowl.  Small prices to pay when you have a gift like Dylan.

So we ask ourselves this question; would we again raise a guide dog puppy for GDA?  Having two dogs now plus training a new puppy seems daunting.  Just this Monday was our monthly GDA meeting and two brand new puppies were present.  Eleven week old litter mates, one black one yellow, both females and as cute as could be.  Sigh...

The people of this organization are so great.  Regardless of what we do in the puppy arena, we will continue to be part of GDA.  I would think that given a little more time, we would jump in and see if we could get a dog all the way to graduation.  My sanity may suffer, but my heart would be glad.

In the meantime, we will look to take advantage of Dylan's training.  Therapy dogs are always needed and we believe she would be great at this.  Also, working again with BARK, (Beach Animals Reading with Kids) is something that both Chris and I have done and would do again in a heartbeat.  I believe giving back is what's important.  More that ever, it's what I see us and Dylan doing.

Ah yes...Home!