Friday, February 26, 2010

Quick Update

As noted on my previous post, I have suspended going to school until Chris and I return from the British Virgin Islands in April. The costs associated with trying to change or cancel our trip just didn't make sense. Moving school back didn't cost me anything but a few months. My scheduled re-start date is May 17th. One day before I turn 61. (what the hell am I thinking)

Thanks to those who have responded back to me. Nice to know I have your support.

Take care.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Engraving Day

Saturday, I went to Pasadena to have all my kitchen tools engraved. (4TSR) Met some nice people who were in the Associate's program. One lady who was my age, decided to get out of health care. She was tired of dealing with cancer patients and needed something a bit more cheerful in her life. As I get into this, I am finding the reasons people come to culinary are as interesting as the techniques we are taught. I can't wait to start back up again. But for now, I will continue learning the art of the torne' cut and dicing the 20 lb bags of potatoes we buy at Costco. Only $4.95 a bag.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Starting and Stopping

Day one was boring. Just rules about...everything. No cooking. Day two was cooking. After lecture, taking copius notes and watching the chefs demo how to blanch & then saute spinach with garlic and cutting tourne' of potatos (really, really hard) that are steamed and sauted in butter, you taste what they cook. All you have to do is duplicate what they did. Sounds's not. They gave us two hours to do what takes a competent cook 8 minutes to do. Some did not make it in two hours. I was done in 75 minutes. Spinach seasoned ok, potatos slightly under cooked, garlic slightly under cooked. Plating ok. "Work on your tourne'"...pronounced tornaay. It's a seven sided potato that is about 2" long and about a three quarter inch thick. Sort of shaped like a rugby ball.
You know, you pay about $10 for a side of four. Now I know why.

Last June, Chris and I paid for a real great vacation that we'll be going on in April. Well, it means missing 6 days of class, 30 hours. I would have to make up those hours after taking a regular day of class. NOT!!! So they said I can stop and then start over in May. That's what I'll be doing. Sort of a hiatus. But, I will start up again and let you know via email when I do.
Ta for now.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Orientation Day

So yesterday was orientation day. I learned two things. My instructors are all named "Chef'" and the key to culinary school is, "come to class". I also received books, (5) - uniforms, shoes, towels, aprons, scarfs and tools. Everything I am suppose to need. We'll see. I actually start on Tuesday as Monday is Presidents Day and a holiday. I did not meet any of my fellow students as we were all a bit shell shocked, being herded around to a bunch of locations and being told how much we would all be demoralized the first few weeks but then would get "it" and would be alright. There were also two sessions, afternoon and evening, going through together so the one person I did meet has evening classes. So I would be seeing them unless we pass each other coming and going. I have to read two chapters in Professional Cooking, one being Stocks.
By for now.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

t minus 1 and counting

People are having trouble with entries. So I may go somewhere else to publish this stuff. I'll let you know

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hang on's gonna be quite a ride!! I love you. CR
Cooking. A way to the heart. A passion to be explored. I can't wait. The goal here is to keep those who have supported me informed on how it's going. I go to orientation on Feb 13th and start on the 15th. Seven months of riding trains, buses and trying not to chop my fingers off. All the while learning the art of French cooking as taught by Le Cordon Bleu. Should be a blast! Thanks to mom for giving me inspiration and to the love of my live, Chris for her total support.