Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Put that Career on Hold...Maybe

My job interview and subsequent bribe of chocolate covered orange peels went for naught.  The yacht club apparently is looking for someone with more experience.  Funny, I probably have more experience than half of the applicants.  Combined!  It's called age;  just not in a professional kitchen.  As it turned out, after explaining to our friends Kathy, Bill, Toddy and Chuck, my Friday nights along with weekends would be no more.  They all told me "You're not going to take that job are you?"  Well, I guess not.  Friends and Friday night poker have a strangle hold on my culinary career.

Here is an idea.  Prepped gourmet meals that you buy and pick up on your way home from where ever.  Portion control with organic foods that include a starter, main entrée and a small dessert.  How much would you pay for that?  Twelve bucks a meal?  Twenty bucks for a meal for two?  Just an idea that one of Chris' friends is currently doing.  I'm going to see how she packages these and maybe do the same type of thing.

Would you buy something like this, say twice a week?

Let me know.


The Sperry's said...

You know we think it's a great idea that can go in so many directions ... all good. Any deals on a family of eight? We're O.K. if it's not completely organic - just delicious. Let us know what's on the menu next week.

Patty Zettel Purington said...

I was hoping you really didn't WANT a job! Retirement is a beautiful thing after all these yrs!

Denise said...

Are you willing to deliver for 20€ to Italy? If so, Steve and I say sì! Keep being creative and on your journey and you'll come up with something amazing. Buon appetito!