Sunday, October 12, 2014

Do you know the way to Todi?

It's been three years since I left this blogging space and decided I was done with it.  But rust never sleeps and time keeps on ticking.  Not sure what that means, but it sounds sophisticated.  Regardless, I'm back at it and hope to enlighten you on our (Chris and my travels) as we make our way to the old country.  We're talking Italy, Greece, Croatia and maybe stops in France and Germany.  Why Todi?  It's in the middle of Italy.  It's quaint and it happens to be where a friend has a place we can stay for cheap.

Many a traveler has written about their journeys, so why do this.  Cuz I can.  It's fun for me, and maybe educational for you, the soon to be enlightened reader...yeah right!   What could be better than winter in the old country?  How about going to Hawaii where it's not freezing.  Except for that creeping lava thing, we eventually hope to land there too.  We shall see.

So travel along with us and we hope you enjoy the ride.

If you check out this entry, you can actually go back in time and see what the hell I was doing back during Obama's first term.  (sorry, no political comments will be allowed)


Chris and Chef Tom

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Denise said...

We are so excited for you both. It's hard to believe we actually met in italia... 5 liter jug of wine in hand.

You will have an incredible adventure and we are so excited to come along.

Buon viaggio,
Denise & Steve