Sunday, February 1, 2015

Should we Stay or Should we Go?

Our last week in Italy after Cathy and Gigi had gone left us in sort of a crisis mode.  It was very cold.  Chris had gotten sick again and we were running short of propane for heat, cooking and hot water.  Tuesday we decided to go back up to Perugia and check out a few golf courses.  If that doesn't make sense after my initial sentence...the car was warmer than the house and we needed to get out and about just because.  My hopes were to maybe get a few trinkets to bring home from the Perugia Golf Club.  Italians, who are not people who let anything from the past get in their way, had converted an old lime kiln into their clubhouse.  It had a restaurant, caddy master shop and practice range but no pro shop to purchase trinkets.  We then headed to the Euronics store to see if our friend and wifi savior Marta was working.  We had hoped to say thank you once again and goodbye.  Alas, she had the day off.

The 18th Green.

Perugia Golf Club built around lime kilns.

Wednesday we woke up to snow, and although it was beautiful to look at, it didn't make the temperature go up any.  So we headed over to the dress shop to visit with Danila and Maria.  Google translate to the rescue once again.  Danila introduced us to her oldest daughter, Veronica.  Veronica sings opera.  Not just any opera, but opera with a goth edge.  She has toured all over the world and shared some of her uTube videos with us.  She is amazingly talented and as sweet as they come.  Sorry we didn't get a picture with her.  But you can check her music with the band Fleshgod Apocalypse on uTube.  She also sung Let it Go and that's available as well under Veronica Bordacchini on uTube.  We may get to see them all again as they are planning on coming to Bellflower this summer to visit Maria's sister, Rina Sistoni.  The Sistoni's were kind enough to let us use their house while we stayed in Italy.

Wednesday Morning surprise.

Our propane gauge was in the red and we were faced with a difficult decision to stay and hope it lasted until Saturday or head out to Rome and spend a few days in a hotel.  We opted to leave on Thursday morning and head south to Rome.  We dropped off our Fiat Punto at Francesco's garage and David gave us a ride to the bus stop.  We hopped on our Sulga bus at 9:40 AM and motored to the Fiumicino airport and then a short shuttle ride to the Airport Best Western to spend a few nights before leaving on Sunday.  Not a very romantic way to end our trip.  It reminded me of our wedding night.  We spend that night in the Oxnard Best Western.  Funny how things come around.

Our last morning in Collevalenza on our way to Rome.
A few more blogs to come.  I have read some nice comments regarding this journey and we appreciate you coming along with us.

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