Friday, January 22, 2016

Puppy Sitting with Morgan

Play dates are important in the socialization of guide dog raising.  It covers two basic needs.  First, the dog is exposed to other territories, other smells, other dogs and gives them a chance to play and frolic with other puppies.  Second, and this is most important, it gives one puppy raiser a break from being a puppy raiser.  Now, before you get all uppity about that statement, let me explain.  We volunteer to do this.  Some people have raised multiple dogs for GDA and other dog centric organizations.  We love it.  The rewards are amazing.  The gift to another human is priceless.   But sometimes you need a break.  The other cool thing about watching two puppies for 8 to 10 hours is it makes you appreciate the fact that you only have one puppy 24 hours a day.

Nancy and Brian, our area leaders, have 3 dogs.  One is their guide dog in training, Morgan, whom we are sitting today.  Their other two were both breeders for GDA.  Both are Black Labs. We received a call that they needed a sitter for Morgan as both would be unable to take the puppy with them.  Morgan is just one month older than Dylan but they look like sisters.

Morgan and Dylan

After the initial spasmodic 30 minutes of tornado like action, they finally took a breather and rested on a towel.  Then they passed out.

Maggie decided that holing up out of the way was a wise thing.

They gone yet?

It was fun to see them interact after they settled down.  Chris gave them all an ear check and we worked both puppies with heeling, sit/stays and down/stays.  Then we took Dylan and Morgan to Erin's classroom so her kids could have some puppy time.

Erin's class had seen Dylan before and were thrilled she was back with another puppy.

Dylan!  Off.....OFF.  Oh never mind!

Morgan was a hit, even while asleep.

Dylan lovin' life.

Ms Richey with a student and of course, Dylan.

Then it was back home so  they could do what they do puppies.

Tug of war with Bailey as the ref...

A fun day for everyone!

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