Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Westminster! What's your reason?

Tuesday night after our obedience class, we sat down to watch the Westminster Dog Show.  Watching this show does three things for us.  We love hearing what the different dog breeds are bred for.  Hunting, herding, etc!  Two, the outfits the handlers wear.  I know it's petty, but we are amazed at how ugly some of those outfits are.  It definitely is form over style.  And lastly, it always reminds us of the movie, "Best in Show".  A classic improv movie that never gets old.

What we didn't know, but found out, was that Dylan became bewitched watching the dogs parade around the arena floor.  She didn't bark, but just stared in wonder and wagged her tail at each dog that was shown.  Watching the hound group, she could not take her eyes off the TV.  When the terrier group was on, she could have cared less.  We figured these small dogs held no fascination for her.  The herding group came on, and again, she was transfixed on the TV watching these dogs go through their paces.

What's this, dogs on TV?

Play Ball?  Not when I can watch this!

Ooh, Elk Hound time.

Nice form!


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