Sunday, July 3, 2016

Turning One + Evaluation

Going back a few weeks, June 11 was Dylan's one year birthday.  It so happened we were in Sylmar for obedience training with all her siblings.  Dozier's human had made birthday bandanas for them all.  So we naturally had to get a picture.  After many attempts with handlers in the pictures, we were encouraged to see if they could all sit/stay for a picture without us...Ta Dah!   Lets see L to R we have Dinah, Daisy, Dozier, "?", Dylan and "?".  Been so long ago, I can't remember all their names.

Demonstrating a sit stay in synchronized fashion

We left Dylan in Sylmar for her 10 month evaluation that was delayed due to her going into heat.  They kept her five days along with about 10 other dogs so it took a few weeks to get back the report on how she was doing.  Here are some of the highlands from the report.

Kennel Behavior: Overall, good
Walking in unfamiliar areas 
  Response to people: Good
  Response to dogs:  Needed correction to pass
  Response to animals, birds squirrels: Good as she heeled.
  Response to other (stairs, kids, sniffing): Good on stairs, can be sniffy as a diversion.

Basic obedience:
Was progressing, but her training needs to be more consistent.  Pulls on leash and when that isn't          allowed she reverts to sniffing.   Needs work on her sits and downs as far as positioning.   Does not come to her name off leash.  Her "formal come" is coming along but need work.  

Not recommended for re-evaluation at this time.   (this means she passed)

All this means she is coming along ok, but we have to step up our game as puppy raisers.  Her energy level is very high and neither Chris or I can match it on walks.  So our pool comes into play.  With permission, we have been allowed to work with Dylan in the pool.

At first, she would not go in.  Sitting on the top step was as much as we could get her to do.  You would think instinct would kick in here, being a water dog and all.  

Nice sit, but not what we're looking for here.

With some coaxing and the use of a football, she got it and it was love at first splash.  Important to teach her how to exit the pool by finding the steps.  After a few attempts, she was excelling in true Lab fashion.

In a short month, she's been evaluated, learned to swim and gone to her first concert in the park.

Kicking it at the park

With the 4th of July right around the corner, we'll see how she handles the noise of fireworks.  Not a good time for dogs leading up to the 4th with all the explosions going off.  All dog owners can agree to this.

Apologies for not keeping up with my blogging.  I will do better going forward.

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