Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Almost Long Beach Gothic

So I'm three weeks into this garden and I'm having a blast.  Already got a notice from the garden police for securing my fence posts to the wood border.  A no-no according to the by-laws.  I guess I need to read those one day.  Planted the obligatory tomatoes, squash and beans.  I also planted a Tomatillo plant will now plant some white onions, Serrano chiles and Cilantro and I'll have my own salsa garden going.  I planted two Artichoke plants and by the looks of the many Artichoke plants inside other gardens, they should do well.  In fact, some have so many of these thistle plants they let them go to flower.  Hey, they have a share table, pick the damn things and share them.

Just missing Chris for our Gothic picture.

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Denise said...

I will be sending you Romanseco Broccoli seeds for your winter garden. Plan on seeing Steve and I for the harvest! Sounds like you are enjoying being "Farmer Tom". Can't wait to see it in person!