Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Back Pretending to be a Gardner

So I've been off-line awhile just kicking it and getting in Chris' hair.   We got a call back from the Long Beach Community Garden Association that a plot had finally come open after a three month wait.  We went Saturday to their orientation and got a list of rules that would choke a scarecrow.  Then we were assigned our plots.  It's a 20X30 plot of dirt that allows you to grow just about anything except thorned berry plants and cannabis.  All organic is encouraged, but no spraying of pesticides is tolerated and no poisons for the many critters that invade the garden from the very nearby Nature Center about 100 yards to the west.   Trapping and protection by fencing is the way you have to go.  Snap traps for vermin is OK.

Using their recommended soil amendments, I wheeled 12 wheel-barrel loads of free manure about 100 yards one way to my plot.  For $20 bucks, they will roto-till the plot and then its ready for planting.

20X30 plot of dirt
After soil amendments and 12 loads of manure

It's not Italy, but the veggies should be great.

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Denise said...

I am so excited to contribute lovely Cavolo-broccolo romanesco seeds to your garden. AND by November, when return, you should have yummy delectables with which to prepare our welcome home feast.

Happy planting.