Monday, November 23, 2015

Sudsy Dog

Today we took Dylan for a bath.  Since acquiring her in August, she has been living the life of Riley or Dylan if you will; lounging, eating, playing with just a bit of obedience sprinkled in.  Dylan only had a bath the day before we picked her up from GDA in Sylmar but since has been bath free.  Nancy, our area leader, recommended we take Dylan to Sudsy Dog.  It's a "do it yourself" dog salon.  They provide everything you need to bathe your dog.   Also, the owner has raised two guide dogs and gives puppies in training a special rate of just $10.  We couldn't pass that up, so off we went.

The facility is very neat with 5 bathing stations.  They provide shampoo, conditioner, face wash, ear wash and brushes to comb out your dog.  More importantly, they provide rubber aprons to keep you dry.  Also towels and a blower to dry your dog, of which Dylan would have nothing to do with as it was way too loud.  So I just showed it to her and let her sniff the hose, finally being able to turn it on and point it at her from about 3 feet away.

Some of the other dogs were not happy to be there and let everyone know by howling and/or crying while their owners tried to hurry along to get them done and out of there.  Dylan didn't cry, or howl.  She did try and jump over the wall to escape, but afterwards was pretty calm, all things considered.

This isn't too bad!

Get me outta of here!

We also learned a valuable lesson from the owner.  While trying to get Dylan use to the blow dryer, she was cowering away and Chris, like a good mom, was telling her, "it's all right Dylan, its ok" and cuddling her.  The owner told us that by doing just that, we can instill in the dog that if there is anything that she doesn't like, she will look to us for comfort.  A blind person is not able to do that.  
Instruction comes from many places.  We just need to be aware and raise Dylan like we are blind.  

Easier said than done!

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