Sunday, November 8, 2015

Get Down on it!

Today is my day with Dylan.  Chris is out playing golf with her girl friends and my job today is work with Dylan.  At 5 1/2 months, Dylan is way ahead of any puppy we have ever had.  She's smart, stubborn, and inquisitive.  All the things guide dogs are supposed to be.

Smart; she sits and waits for her food with me saying Sit...Stay!  Labs by nature are voracious eaters. She knows food is worth sitting and waiting for.  She does this just about every time.

One focused Dylan
Stubborn; if she gets an idea in her head, like being determined to pounce on Bailey, you can't stop her.  She's going for it.

Pounce time!

Bailey responds with a head lock
Inquisitive; when she sees something new, she studies it, without barking or charging at it.  That's what happened when we went to the pier and she saw a seagull and pigeons for the first time.  Not one time did she bark.

Pigeon time at Seal Beach Pier
So what does she need to work on?  Following through on commands!  That stubborn part of her seems to take hold when you want her to go from a sit to a down position.  The one time command is, Dylan - Down!  After the command, and she is NOT doing it, you take her lead and give it a quick jerk downward from her chin.  Not a pull, but a quick jerk.  She's still upright.  So then its to see which direction she is leaning while she is sitting.  Then nudge her slightly in that direction until she falls over.  Then you praise the heck out of her.  Good job Dylan, good DOWN!  I seem to be saying this in my sleep.  We, as puppy raiser, are taught one command said one time only.  Remember C.I.P?  Consistent.  Insistent.  Persistent.  And don't get commands confused.  OFF is the command when they jump on the sofa.  Down is when you want them to lay down next to you.

So I'm off to work on her downs.

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