Thursday, April 28, 2016

Out of the Tent, into our Hearts

Woke up Tuesday, thinking it was time to see if Dylan may be able to come home this week.  GDA does a swab to see if she is still in heat.  Chris had sent an email Monday asking when they were planning on doing this.  We got a phone call the next day and she was swabbed and she had passed.  YEA! She passed!!  No more "in heat" which meant we could come and get her.  That was about 10 in the morning.  Driving up through West LA, we made record time and only had to wait a few minutes for Dylan to be shown in by their handlers.  We were told she was in the spa in anticipation of going home.  In other words, she had a bath and was wet when she came in.

The video inclosed is how excited she got upon seeing us.  She about knocked me on my ass and ran around not knowing where to go first.

They told us she tolerated her 3 week stay very well.  It was exciting to think she really remembered us.

Staying close on the Sylmar Campus

Once home, she ran around, wanting to play with all her toys and torture Bailey and Maggie.  But she finally settled down and when I asked her if she wanted to "cradle" she went right into the cradle position and ended up snoring as her belly was rubbed.

Home sweet Home!

It was great to have her back!

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