Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Heat is on!

Four days away from Dylan's evaluation and a 5 day stay in Sylmar has just become history.  Barking at every dog who comes within a sniffable distance from her, licking like crazy at the swollen area that we don't like to talk about has confirmed our fears; Dylan has gone into heat.  It's like Dylan got a memo: how to get out of your evaluation.  Now normally, you lock up your dog, like they used to lock up daughters during a Viking plundering, but this is no normal situation or dog for that matter.  GDA is very specific about this.  Dogs that go into heat stay a minimum  of 3 weeks.  In a kennel by themselves with no toys or blankets or binkies from the raisers.  No other dog visitors.  Nothing to remind them of life on the outside.  It's like solitary confinement for no other reason than they are like women who are going into that red tent.  We men are such ass*****!

Our hope is Dylan doesn't forget every command we have been working on so hard for the last 6 months.  Chris and I will get to go and visit her and even play with her in a confined isolated area.  So, until then, not much will be shared unless GDA decides to share something with us.

A last bit of fun in the sun before weeks of solitary.

We'll stay tuned and hope you do as well.

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