Thursday, August 18, 2016

Dylan is Back...

Dylan came home yesterday after spending a full week up in Sylmar.  This was after spending 4 days with a puppy sitter up by LAX airport.  All to give me an opportunity to see what damage was done to my left knee.  Plus, it gave Dylan a chance to be with her GDA mates up in the kennels.

First my knee.  After X-rays and an MRI, it was discovered I had a "minimally depressed fracture of the anterior quadrant of the lateral tibial plateau".   As well as a small tear of the mid zone of the lateral meniscus.  No surgery, but 4 to 6 weeks staying off it and keeping it wrapped.  Ugh...

Second, Dylan handled the away time very well.  I picked her up in Redondo Beach as a volunteer for GDA goes and works in the kennels but comes home around 1 P.M.  She was no worse for wear and was as energetic as ever.  Bailey was very glad she was home.  Someone to romp with...

Wednesday night is our training night with the other dogs in our group at a local park.  Chris and I took turns working with Dylan and I must say that she did well considering we had not worked with her for two weeks.

Me with Dylan in a down/stay while Brian bounced a ball to distract her.

And Chris working with Dylan on her "formal come".  Just a slight adjustment to get her sitting facing forward.

Her long line leash comes were not so good.  I didn't get any video of this but she was all over the place.  The idea is to be about 30 feet away and call her.  She is on a long line and is suppose to come directly to you and stop in front of you.  Sort of like what I was asking her to do when she did come right to me, only she never stopped.   Ouch!

Going forward, our biggest concerns revolve around walking her one to two miles a day for her exercise.  With my knee and Chris' back, this will be a challenge.  But we have the pool so that's what we'll do in the mean time.  Doggie time in the pool, anyone?

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