Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lifting the Cone and Watching Chess

Well it's been two weeks since Dylan got spayed.  You would never know it by her actions.  After the first few days of being groggy, we kept her "cone of shame" on for a few more days.  Then it was like nothing ever happened.  We weren't able to go to the graduation as it was just 5 days after her surgery, but I think we could have gone and she would have been fine.

Late last week, we took her to see her first movie.  Trying to pick a movie that's not too loud, not too long and doesn't have any animals or barking dogs in it was a challenge.  We discovered months ago that Dylan will bark at our TV screen whenever there is an animal shown or if she hears an animal, even if it's not a dog.  So we picked The Queen of Katwe.  It's a great movie and a true story about an Uganda girl who becomes a Chess Master.  No guns, no barking dogs or roaring Lions.  It was a bit long, 2 hours, but she laid down on the floor and just chilled the entire time. And, as it was the first showing of the day, no popcorn was on the floor when we got there.  That is until Chris dumped hers on the floor and then it was a free-for-all.  That dog can suck up more food quicker than you can say, NO!

Going in to see her first movie.

Our next experiment is to take her on a plane.  Maybe a short trip to S.F with an overnight stay.  I wonder if that's tax deductible?  Anyway, hopefully we'll be going some time this month.

The latest word is we will be turning Dylan in sometime in February.  Can't believe she has been with us since August of 2015.  We have learned so much and it's been fun sharing her adventure.

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