Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Buckets of Shame

After returning Monday from our out of town visit up north, we drove up to Sylmar on Tuesday afternoon to pick up Dylan.  Her kennel stay included her being spayed.  We arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon and were told she was still sleeping from the anesthetic and it would be about 20 minutes before we could take her home.  When she did come out she was a bit groggy, to say the least, and could hardly stand.  And of course she was wearing that, "cone of shame" collar.

Groggy after surgery
It seems all the GDA puppy raisers call it that, not because their dogs are to be shamed for being operated on.  But because the dogs hang their heads down and it looks like they are ashamed of how this silly cone makes them look.

She got home and we placed her in her crate so Bailey wouldn't bother her and want to play, although any chance of Dylan playing was between "forget about it and none"!

Out for the count.  Bailey wondering what's up?
She came home with some meds and ointment for a rash.  Seems she always picks up something at the kennel.  But this morning she was a bit better and ate some and thanks to our area leaders Nancy and Brian, we were able to put a soft cone on her that allows two things.  It doesn't kill you when she runs into you and she doesn't clank into everything while she's walking.  

Really!  I gotta wear this thing?
One dog we saw while up north visiting Paul and Robyn had no shame.  He would walk around with an orange bucket in his mouth.  Say hello to Axel...whom we met at the Sunset Magazine Center in Napa.

With Paul and Robyn
and Axel!
As much as you tried, he would not let you take his bucket.  And, after you tried removing it, but walking away frustrated because he would not let go ever, he would come up and bump into you with the bucket.  Too funny!

So for the next 10 days its easy does it for Dylan and then it will be the home stretch for her until she goes in for formal training.    

There is a graduation this Sunday and if you are available, you can come and see the next generation of Guide Dogs.  It is free and open to all.  Just go to for details. (or maybe sign up to be a puppy raiser)

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