Sunday, December 18, 2016

The GDA Christmas Potluck

Saturday was the Christmas potluck at GDA.  Lab puppy raisers were to bring a main dish.  I whipped up a lasagna and presented it to the masses.  It was gone in minutes.  However, one lasagna will only last a minute when you're feeding 75 people.  There were so many dishes of food, going through the line with your dog in tow was lots of fun.

Lots of photo ops were presented for the puppies and their humans.

Presents by an open fire.

It is always nice to see the people who are raising the siblings of your dog.  Because of rules put in place by GDA, for good reasons I might add, the sire's and bitches are not revealed to the puppy raisers.  So it was a lucky happening when talking to an owner of a black lab only to discover this was Dylan's mother.

Meeting Vivienne, Dylan's mom.

And no, there was no recognition between the two.  Even after sniffing butts!  But it was fun to meet the owner and talk to him about his dog.

And of course, when you have a Christmas potluck, you have Santa.  

That attentive look is owed to the cookie the photographer was holding.
We were also asked to bring an ornament for the Christmas tree to be put up in the main office.  We obliged with a bone painted with Dylan's name.

It was a fun day and possibly the last Christmas we will have with Dylan.  

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