Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Health Update

We survived Christmas without Dylan eating the tree, or the baked and candy treats that we had way too many of.  However, just prior to Christmas, we noticed she was scratching more than usual.  It's been very dry here and even Chris and I have been a bit itchy, but this seemed to be getting out of hand.  Also, some black splotches started to appear on her skin, then the inside of her ears started turning red, so we new that that was more going on then we first suspected.  So Tuesday, we made the trip up to Sylmar to see the GDA veterinarian.

Now allergies are one thing that GDA dogs cannot have.  It doesn't matter how good the dog is at commands or how disciplined they may be, a blind person will not be put in a position to have to worry about their dogs health.  And allergies are that big of an issue that many dogs are careered changed because of allergies.

So as we were in with the vet, he did scrapings of Dylan's skin and scoped both her ears.  Yes, she has a yeast infection which is causing her skin to itch and her ears to turn red.  Her paws are also red and she is continuing to lick them relentlessly.  This infection is also the reason her skin was blotchy.

To ease the scratching, he gave Dylan a steroid shot and some pills to take for the next thirty days.  Drops for her ears and a kiss on the nose for good measure.

One of the last things he mentioned was 'why' she was getting these reactions.  "It could be allergies and he would have to bring it up with management."  Ouch!

But in the mean time, she is playing with her new Christmas squeaky ball toy and tormenting Bailey.

To be continued...

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