Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Fire Academy

Chris was asked to go back to work part-time with Orange County Fire Authority and is now working with the newest class of recruits in the fire academy.  Working on skills they will need to become the next generation of firefighters and/or paramedics, Chris is helping by teaching skills classes.  She was hesitant to bring Dylan to these as she felt Dylan would be in the way and she did not want to upset the process of this very important time for these recruits.  But after reassurances from the cadre of instructors, she took Dylan to work with her.

Recruits working on first aid while our girl just chills

With her jacket on Dylan is a different dog.  It is amazing to me that she somehow understands that this is no time for being a dog, but a time to be a service animal.  How?  I wish I knew.  So as the nurses were teaching skills to the students, Dylan was placed into service.

After having Dylan go into "cradle mode" Chris told a few students to place a splint on Dylan's leg as if it were broken.  Three went into action and with great affection and care, proceeded to work on our girl.
Getting ready with Dylan as the patient

Reassurance is important when working with a patient. Face and belly rubs help.

On goes the splint.  Good job!

Then it was time to place their new found knowledge to the test by working on each other.  With Dylan acting as emotional support, the recruits begin to work on a fellow trainee.

Being the support dog
Dylan is reassuring the patient.

Recruits breaking character by laughing

It was great to see our Dylan in action.  Doing what we hope will be her new lifetime job of being there for those in need.  Chris also said she could see it in the faces of the recruits,  the stress of becoming a new firefighter seemed to melt away with our girl there working hand in hand with them.

Maybe a new chapter for the fire academy is being written.  Emotional support dogs for recruits.

I could see it happening!

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