Thursday, January 5, 2017

Health Update ...Final Monthly Report

We continue to monitor Dylan's skin and ears.  Her itching seems to have quieted down some and the blotches seems to be clearing up.  Her ears are also better as we continue to put drops in twice a day.
The pills will be gone just about the time we turn her in on January 28.

This is our last month for Dylan's monthly evaluations.  Seems like these 18 months have flown by.  Each category is broken down with ratings 1-5 with 5 being best.  For example:
Obedience Commands

Sit - 5
Down - 4
Formal Come - 4
Heel/Loose Leash Walking - 4 (maybe more like a 3.5)
Sit/Stay 1 minute - 5
Down/Stay 3 minutes - 5
Down/Stay 5 minutes - 4 (I can't even stay for 5 minutes)

Discipline issues - Well Dylan likes to nose job you right in the crotch when she first greets you.  Not sure where she got that, but we listed that as an issue.

We also have to list any social exposures for the month.  In December, Dylan saw the King and I at the Pantages Theater, walked in the Downey Christmas parade, went to two pot lucks and visited a fire station with Chris.

So as you can see Dylan has been exposed, trained and is now ready to move on to her next step.  We can only hope it's enough.  The rest, they say, is up to her.

Just two of the many things we will miss with Miss Dylan:

Sleeping on her bed bug


Her sitting position

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