Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The "Garden"

Saturday, the "Garden" held elections for their board postions.  Everyone gathered under a gazebo and got to vote.  Very democratic.  Only thing, nobody other than current board members ran.  The president did step down and a new person took over her role.  Nobody ran against him.  Then the Q&A time came.  It was the most entertaining 30 minutes you could imagine.   Gripes, thank yous, shout downs, stand ups, and a lawsuit were all discussed intently and with purpose.  Oh, one lady wanted everyone to go organic.  I thought that was the standard.  Seems it isn't.  Even she got shouted at.  Then everyone got up and went back to gardening.  The outgoing president came over to my plot and commented on how nice my garden looked.  Then she told me my netting wasn't being held up with garden implements.  "I used 99 cent plate racks as they work perfectly for propping up netting."  If I don't change it, I'll get a write-up.  Three write ups and your out, sort of like baseball.

So the result of all this is this; gardening is not democratic...if you get up to speak, be prepared to get shouted at...and if you file a lawsuit against the "Garden," you are considered a stinker, more than manurer on a hot day.

Finally, organic is what is found in the grocery store and costs more money.  Not to be confused with going organic in the "Garden".
Gazebo in background, scene of the election. Netting over the orange bucket, illegal.

Me and my Organic Garden

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Denise said...

I am a firm believer in the old adage, "rules regulate the fun" but this seems a bit overkill. I'm sorry people are making your garden dream less dream-like. Stay positive and start reading your by-laws! Keep us posted. You should also have your Romanesco Broccoli seeds by now. Remember, they're a winter vegetable. Enjoy!