Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Harvest Begins, sort of

Yesterday, Chris picked our first vegetable from The Garden.  It was a somewhat mis-shaped zucchini.   Now I'm not complaining about the shape, or the fact that after hours of labor, I didn't get to pick the first vegetable.  I was there early that morning and it wasn't as big as it shows.  In 8 hours it grew about an inch.   If allowed to grow too big, they become woody tasting and tough.

There will be so much more coming our way, I'll be giving alot of it to friends and fellow gardners.  I have tomatoes coming, tomatillos, and yellow squash.  The beans are about 6 inches tall now and I have already picked some chives and lemon thyme.  Plus, we have already received summer squash, two zucchinis, green beans and a bunch of beets from neighboring gardens.  And, I have given up some seeds of heirloom pumpkins I brought back from Casperia, Italy to two neighbors.

One picked zucchini does not make a harvest.  But, its a start.

And there was one!

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Denise said...

"Ntra ortu e jardinu stacci cuntinu."
Italian to English Translation: Remain continuously in the vegetable and flower garden.

I wish I was there to receive your bountiful harvest. Your zucchini would be deicious with pecorino! Buon appetito!