Saturday, September 5, 2015

Heel!. Stand!...Sit!...What?

Week 3 of puppy kindergarten went well as Dylan strutted her stuff while Chris had her heeling.

(Sorry, the video I took of Dylan heeling would not upload.)

Dylan's intestinal issues seem to be passed, (insert pun here), as we have continued to increase the amount of dry food in her diet.  Now the trick will be to switch her back to chicken and rice.  She is up to 14 + pounds which is about 10 pounds less than her litter mate, Diego.

At 12 weeks, her obedience training is going well.  Sit and Stay are the best so far.  Down, Stand and Come need work.  When guide dogs work with their eventual owners, they are not supposed to sit when they come to a stop.  Every move is by command.  So working with Dylan while heeling, I come to a stop and she sits.  I gently lift her backside up with the command, "Stand".  She sits again, I lift her up again with the command, Stand.  She finally stands and then I give her the command to sit.  Of course she doesn't, so I have to give a slight jerk on the leash.  She then sits and looks up at me as if to say, "what the.... make up your mind".

No school on Monday as it's a holiday.   Hope everyones Labor Day is a fun one.

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