Sunday, September 27, 2015

Puppy K Graduate

Monday, Dylan received her diploma for her completion of Puppy Kindergarten.  She was thrilled!  So much so she did "big busy" on the teachers front lawn.  Chris and I realized we have so much to learn going forward, we re-enrolled in Puppy K for next semester...without Dylan.  No really!

Proud puppy raisers

Dylan is getting bigger and smarter with each passing week.  This week she is with a puppy sitter as Chris and I travel to NY to visit cousins.  The great thing about GDA is the support made available by the number of people willing to step up and help.   Georgia, whom we met last week with her career change dog Nala, is watching Dylan and will not allow her to slide on her discipline or commands. 

At 16 weeks, Dylan's final shots will have been administered and we can begin in earnest her socialization and training.  We can't wait to begin her next phase of training.

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Suzi said...

Auntie Chris you look like you're 40 in this photo! :) Super cute pic (and pup) :D