Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lambs eat oats...Pro Choice is their choice

We made the one hour trip up to Slymar and the one hour trip back to Long Beach without too much hassle.  Saw the vet at GDA, a very nice man, who somewhat confirmed what we suspected.  Right now, Dylan is not a chicken and rice kind of Lab.  She may be one later, but for now, we are switching to Lamb and Rice.  GDA is very strict on what their dogs eat and Purina Pro-Plan is their food of choice.  Luckily, they make a Lamb and Rice puppy food so we have officially switched.

Dylan really stressed out about going to the Vet.

Still stressed

Not so much now.  I think she's smiling.

Stopped at PetSmart and got her food and then home.

Ah, on our way home.
Kind of a one trick puppy if you ask me.

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Ginger said...

Hoping this solves her problem.