Monday, October 26, 2015

Freeze Frame! Our Calendar Girl

The GDA is divided up among the many sections of southern California.  We belong to the South Bay Puppy Raisers.  Headed up by Brian and Nancy, they are our contacts whenever we have questions.  I know by now, they have seen just about everything a puppy raiser can come up with.  Just this weekend, our Dylan was being puppy sat while we attended the victorious USC game against Utah.  Dylan and sitters dog, Naya, were playing and the next thing you know Dylan has a split nail on her right front paw.  She was limping around and seemed to be in some pain.  Naturally, we took her to see Nancy and Brian.  With some reassuring words for us and Chris' nursing skills, Dylan was good as new by Monday.

While there, we picked up one of many fund raiser tools GDA uses and this was their Guide Dogs of America 2016 Calendar.  GDA is funded exclusively by donations.

Not available in stores.

When we first received Dylan in early August, they were shooting pictures for this calendar.  So we were asked to bring in Dylan for a photo shoot.  There must have been about 30 dogs and a photographer with the patience of Job taking pictures.  Well, to our most pleasant surprise, Dylan made April's centerfold!  She also has a picture with Morgan, whom we puppy sat before receiving Dylan.

It's those eyes!

Now you may be wondering, since I can't buy this wonderful calendar in stores, how can I get one for myself and three or four for Christmas gifts for friends and family?  Well, just let us know how many you need.  Ten dollars per calendar and all proceeds go to GDA.  

Please contact me at or Chris at and we will get these to you in plenty of time for holiday gift giving.

Meanwhile, our centerfold is doing what centerfolds do, lounging by the pool.

Ready for my close up.

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