Wednesday, October 28, 2015

No day at the Beach.

Our job as puppy raisers is to expose as many different situations to Dylan as possible.  Even if it means having to take her to the beach, walk on a boardwalk and watch waves roll in.  Tough job, I know.

The fun part is seeing how Dylan reacts to new stimuli. While there, huge earth movers were building sand berms to keep out an impending high tide due later this week.  Then of course there are other things that are totally foreign to Dylan.  We had waves crashing into pier pilings, fishermen casting lines, families with strollers, all new to Dylan.  Under normal circumstances, your puppy would be going crazy.  What's so special about these dogs is they cannot go crazy.  They have to guide their human safely to their next destination.  When she is wearing her vest, we both can see she takes this job seriously.  So should puppy raisers.  That is the tough job.  Knowing you have a puppy, but you have to put that out of your mind and do your best to socialize and make your puppy obedient by using love, not threats.  Our group leader Brian says it best.  C.I.P.  You have to be consistent, insistent and persistent.

Walking the boardwalk on Seal Beach Beach pier 

Checking out the earth movers.
Pigeons, so close, yet so far.  
Maybe not a day at the beach, but we will continue to our best!

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