Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Parade Time

With Morgan and Dylan
The Downey Christmas Parade was Sunday and GDA has marched in this parade for the past 20+ years.  Our contingent consisted 19 dogs from 6 month old puppies, (our Dylan) up to 14 month old dogs almost ready to be turned in for advanced training.  There were also a few breeder dogs present with about 30 people there too.  Puppy raisers, friends of puppy raisers and breeder owners made up the human contingent.

The morning started with breakfast at Hometown Buffet.  All the dogs had on their working bibs with Christmas garland.  Quite a site when 19 dogs parade in as we paid and then found our tables with the dogs being told to sit under the tables while the puppy raisers meander thru the 8 buffet offering stations.  Without any incidents from our dogs, we all enjoyed breakfast and then made our way up to Downey.

Once there, we had to walk about a mile to the staging area and then wait for the 1:30 start of the parade.  Of course, right in front of us was a drum band and they were busy practicing while our dogs were going a bit crazy from the noise.  Behind us was a Salsa dancing group who were playing Salsa music and practicing their dance moves.  Quite a site

When the parade started, we were all in a group forming a Christmas tree walking down the parade route.  That lasted about 30 seconds then it was every person and dog for themselves.   But, they all settled in and we paraded down the street waving to people and having a grand time.  The dogs were great!  Sitting when we stopped and keeping pace when we, well strolled down the parade route.  When we passed the grand stand, the announcers read about who we were and gave us volunteers kudos.  We got a loud ovation for our service.  Then the dog I of was walking, Morgan, decide it was time to poop.  An even bigger cheer went up for us as I stopped and scooped up the poop and went on our way.  Dylan was being led by Chris who both did a fantastic job.

Then it was a short walk back to our vehicles and quiet ride back home.  Dylan was really tired but all in all it was a fun day.

Chris and Dylan at the staging area

Under the table, being so good.

Waiting patiently at Hometown Buffet

Dave with Morgan and me with Dylan

Ready to walk up to the staging area
Which way did they go?
Can we go home now?
One tired puppy.

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