Saturday, December 12, 2015

Going off to College

Thursday, Chris took Dylan along with 6 other puppies in training to the campus of USC.  Setting up at the Disability Services and Programs inside the Grace Ford Salvatori Hall, they were there for a very important service.  This past week has been finals week and these puppies provide stress relief for the students.  Now you may ask yourself, why would kids need this service?  Well, if you have ever been to college or had to participate in a stressful event, there isn't anything I can think of that will relieve that stress better than a puppy.

Waiting for stressed out kids.

Just a touch makes all the difference.

The smiles say it all.

No stress here!
Having participated in these events with Maggie at UCI and at Chapman college, I appreciate how much this means to the kids.  With finals just about complete, it's almost time to "Party on Wayne...  Party on Garth!"

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