Friday, December 11, 2015

Looking Back - Dylan at 6 Months

All puppies are cute.  Even the ugly ones that win those "most ugly dog" contests start out as cute puppies.  Which brings me to our puppy, Dylan!

August 6, 2015 is when Dylan came into our home and our lives.  Born June 11, 2015 from a breeding stock of Labs that become some of the most important canines in our society.  Four yellow and four blacks, all with the potential to make a difference.  They guide the blind, making their lives more normal and giving love as only dogs know how to, unconditionally!

During our time with Dylan, she has learned commands to sit, stay, down (on most occasions), heal and of course LEAVE IT!  She has taught us when she needs to get busy by jumping on us or heading for the back door.  Currently,  we're working on the formal "come" and even that is showing promise.  The formal come is when the dogs comes to you when called, Dylan Come!  She circles outside and comes to your left side and sits.  This is taught so when the blind person needs to put on their dogs harness, they come to the same side and position each time.  No easy task for a puppy of six months to learn with just a one word command.  At times when she is wearing her "in training" vest, she performs wonderfully.  Other times she is in La La land and frustrates the heck out of us!  Acting like the adolescent she is, forgetting everything and stubbornly doing her own thing.  (CIP)  Consistent, Insistent, Persistent keeps ringing in our ears.

So at six months,  I thought I would go down memory lane a bit and recap our time with Dylan so far.

Like I said, puppies are cute.

Puppy Breath

Meeting her canine sisters Bailey and Maggie.

Meeting her "big sister" Erin.

Her human cousin, Kelsey.

With Bailey, looking for that ball.

Doing what she seems to do best!

Freeze Frame!

Bringing joy to a classroom.

Meeting the outside world.

Sit! Stay, command.

Meeting Lorrie and her guide dog Carter.

One Sudsy Dog!

Ready for that parade.

I hope you have enjoyed our blog about raising Dylan.  As much as we hope to teach her, she is the one who is teaching us.  To be tolerant and persistent in our goal to make sure she graduates as a guide dog. Leading a person from darkness into light.  I can think of nothing more noble coming from our puppy Dylan.  The next year should be one exciting time.

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