Monday, March 21, 2016

Riding the Rails

Today Chris took Dylan on an all-day excursion.  She met up with Nancy, our area leader who is raising Morgan and her friend Peggy, who is raising Bravo and took the train down to San Diego.  Dylan has never been on a train before.  She left real early this morning.  Getting Dylan up was no problem.  Chris, on the other hand, was not the most thrilled to be up before dark.  They drove to Fullerton to catch the train.  I wasn't asked to go.  It was a ladies day out with their puppies.  I'm cool with that.

Chris has sent me a few pictures, so I'm sharing these now and will continue this saga later.

Bravo, Morgan and Dylan at Fullerton Station

Something about train travel that puts you to sleep.

To be continued...

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