Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Riding the Rails...continued

Our four ladies with three puppies made their way down to San Diego via the Amtrak Surf Liner.  They spent most of their time around Sea Port Village near downtown.  Many sites were seen to expose our dogs to the outside world.  It is truly amazing how adaptable Lab pups are and why they are the preferred breed for guide dogs.  Retrievers are also a good dog for GDA, but seem to have more of a dopey disposition, not that's it bad, it's just not a preferable characteristic.

Dylan, getting comfortable in the isle.

Bravo with her doggy pillow aka Dylan

Walking along the piers where fishing boats and the Mighty Midway are anchored provided a fun backdrop.

Dylan with San Diego's fishing fleet.

Navy ships always make me proud.
I wan't stationed on this ship, but I was stationed on Midway Island in 1969.

This statue brings out emotions in any sailor or returning veteran.

Home is the sailor, home from the sea!

The  ladies took turns walking different dogs.  This is important as our dogs get a chance to experience different handlers.

Nancy, our area leader, here with Morgan and Dylan.

Then it was back to the train station and a homeward trip to Fullerton.

Peggy with Bravo, Chris with Morgan and Janice with Dylan

Janice's puppy, Berkley, is in Sylmar as she had gone into heat, but she didn't want to miss the trip to San Diego.  Having an extra person gave some relieve to the others puppy raisers as well.
One nice perk having puppies in training; the conductor noticed our dogs and saw the very long line of people waiting to get on board and quietly and gently ushered our ladies and their dogs to the front of the line to get first choice of seating.

The paws tell the story.

 Needless to say, Chris and Dylan were very tired when they got home.  But what a great experience and one that we will do again.  Next time, Santa Barbara?

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