Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Some Kennel Time along with Peace and Quiet

Dylan goes off to Sylmar today.  Puppies need to spend a few days a month on campus so when the time comes for them to go for formal training, the kennels are not foreign or scary to them.  What does that mean for us.  Well, Bailey will be lost.  Every morning after each is fed, its play time.  Chasing the ball, playing tug-o-war and wrestling around for about an hour while I try and read the paper.  Bailey will be looking all over and missing Dylan.  Maggie will wonder where that little pest is who keeps watching her eat as Dylan waits and hopes she backs up just enough to snag her food.  Maggie will not miss Dylan.

Chris will constantly tell me how much she misses Dylan.  "It's so quiet when Dylan isn't here."  Me, I'll miss working with Dylan.  Walking her and praising her for the good job she does and scolding her when she jumps on me or others when she knows she is not supposed to do that.  Or stealing another sock or tea towel.  Puppies!

We will pick her up on Saturday, which is an official day of obedience training for all the guide dog puppies.  Participate in the class and then go to lunch with the other puppy raisers and compare stories and notes.

Its time to say good bye for just awhile.

It also gives us a taste as to what to expect when she goes for formal training.  The quiet, the peace and the missing!

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