Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Back and Forth

The day after Labor Day, Chris and I took a trip to New Orleans.  We were there until Friday.  Dylan was left at the GDA campus for an entire week.  We picked her up last Sunday.  Tuesday, we got a call from GDA that they wanted to talk to us about Dylan.  Oh crap!  Now what?  Chris, who was playing golf when she received the voicemail told me, "my golf game went to crap, thinking Dylan was going to be dropped from the program."  She must had done something bad or she barks too much.

I returned the call and was told that Dylan needed to be X-rayed.  That this would happen on Saturday, but she needed to be brought up on Friday.  I guess my questions was, she was there for a week, why not do this when she was there?  We were informed that the dogs need to be doped up and the technician is only there are certain days.  So three dogs are going up to be X-rayed and Dylan is one of them.  The reasons are varied.  Dylan has not been spade, which means she could be considered a breeder.  Two, they are always on the look out for hip dysplasia.  This problem is the biggest reason dogs are career changed out of the program.

But, after a week away, we were missing our little girl and it was great to be able to cradle her.  She continues to have a rash inside her paws which requires swabs of medicine to be applied and socks put on her to keep her from licking them.

One relaxed puppy

Paw socks!  
The socks stay on for about 5 minutes before she gets them off her.  But it lets the medicine stay on a big longer.

Her skills are getting better as she gets a bit older.  Barking still seems to be an issue but we're working on it.

So we'll take her up Friday and see what the X-rays reveal and hope for the best.

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