Monday, September 26, 2016

Dylan feeling punky

The last few days have been somewhat tough for our little girl.  After coming home from having her X-rays a week ago, she hasn't been doing very well.  She got diarrhea on Tuesday, we switched her food to chicken and rice and then Saturday night, she vomited all night long.  We called GDA but they don't have a vet on property on Sunday's so we were told to take her to a local vet.  They examined her and could not see anything definitive.  The vet said that maybe she was having a reaction to the anesthesia when they did her X-ray.  To keep her hydrated, they put in a 800cc fluid bolus under her skin.  This absorbs into the body in a few hours.  They also gave her a B12 injection and some medicine to settle her stomach.  Then gave us some antibiotics to feed her for the next few days.

I'll say this about Dylan, inside the vet's exam room, she didn't shake, quiver or whimper.  She didn't look very happy though.   What a trooper she is!

Getting an 800cc fluid subcutaneous IV
Receiving her B12 shot.

Bloated with fluid under her skin around the neck and shoulders.

Not a happy camper.

After we brought her home, she was as lethargic as I have ever seen Dylan.  Just laid around all day, would not eat and looking very sad.  

So today being Monday, Chris will be taking Dylan up to Sylmar to be examined again by the GDA Vet.  Thankfully, Nancy our area leader, will be going up with Chris as coming back without a carpool buddy is a nightmare as I was committed to taking a friend to the airport this afternoon.

More to come as we find out what's going on with our little girl.

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