Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Dylan Update!

Monday, Chris took Dylan up to GDA to be examined by their vet.  It included some blood tests and X-rays.  Nothing definitive was discovered but the vet saw a liver enzyme that was a bit off, so she asked us to bring her up Wednesday morning.  "Be sure not to feed her in the morning" we were told.  They wanted to do a 12 hour fasting exam then feed her to see what transpired after she ate.   So we prepared to go up this morning.  I fed Bailey and turned my back for about 3 seconds and I see Bailey walking away, which never happens, and there's Dylan chowing down on Bailey's food.  Oh CRAP!

Good news, Bad news...The good, Dylan is eating again.  The bad, she picked a crummy time to start.  We called GDA and told them what happened and were told not to worry as they can do the test at a later date.  We just need to be sure she fasts for 12 hours before taking up to be examined.  So no drive up north today, but we will go up next Wednesday to complete the exam.

However, Dylan seems much better, is more playful and exhibiting normal eating habits, as noted above.  Working with her, she again exhibits normal behavior and is even walking better on leash and not pulling so much.

Still working on her sitting position, however.

Is that a smile I see?

Thanks for the kind thoughts and words regarding our girl as we will continue to update her progress on becoming a guide dog.

There has been no update on her PennHip X-rays to see if she may be looked at as a breeder.

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