Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Results are in...Sort of

Last night was our monthly meeting and we were asked to dress up our dogs for Halloween.   Chris went out and got a princess costume for Dylan, which kept falling off.  But that didn't stop humans from showing some Halloween spirit.  Our main puppy sitter, Georgia, did herself proud with a doggie hat that raised its ears when you pulled on the paws.   

Dylan checking out Georgia's doggie hat.

We were informed that Dylan will be spade next week, ending any chance of her becoming a breeder.  This is good news as she is still on track to go into formal training.  I guess the other good news, is the PennHip X-rays didn't career change Dylan.  Although, we were not told the actual results of the X-rays, we did watch a program on the Animal Planet called PennVet that showed the procedure.  This is a show about students who study at the Pennsylvania University of Veterinary Medicine to become veterinarians.  The very first episode explained and showed a yellow lab going through this procedure of having a PennHip X-ray.  It's a great show and I highly recommend it.

Dylan will be going up to Sylmar on Friday for her kennel stay and will be spade on Tuesday morning.  We'll pick her up that afternoon.  She'll be groggy and will have to lay low for a few days.  That will be hard as she is always wrestling with Bailey.  We may have to crate her for a few days for her protection.  

Her obedience training is going well, although still pulling some while heeling she seems to be doing better.  October 23rd is graduation day for 10 dogs and their new handlers, which we will be attending.  If you want to see some amazing animals, please attend one of these.  It's open to the public and free of charge.  It's on the GDA campus in Sylmar.  

We are often asked, "How can you possibly give up your dog after raising it for 18 months?"  When you attend a graduation, you understand the "How" and the "Why"!

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