Friday, October 7, 2016

Dylan, going for Gold!

While still awaiting Dylan's PennHip X-ray results, life goes on and Dylan keeps interacting with the world around her.

Today was Olympic Games Day at Carver Elementary, where Erin teaches 4th and 5th grade.  On hand to speak with the kids and teachers was three time Olympic Medalist (2 gold and 1 silver), Water Polo player Kami Craig.  She spoke with the kids about never giving up.  Growing up with dyslexia, Kami had a rough time in school, but never gave up on her dreams.  Playing water polo for USC and then making the U.S. Olympic Water Polo team, Kami stressed the importance maintaining focus, even when things don't always go your way.  Kami also displayed her Gold Medal from the Rio Games, allowing the kids to touch it and lift it.  (It was heavy)  Also on hand were two Special Olympians from this summers games.

Greece led the way in the parade of class rooms

Erin walking with Dylan leading her class representing Ireland

Erin's class with 3 time medalist, Water Polo Player, Kami Craig
Watching the kids participate in wheel chair basketball, football toss, relay racing and field hockey was a special treat for us adults.

Dylan being there, cheering them on all the way, received a special Gold Medal for cheer.  

Erin's class, representing Ireland, with Dylan and her gold medal

It was a Gold Medal day for sure.

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