Sunday, February 14, 2010

Orientation Day

So yesterday was orientation day. I learned two things. My instructors are all named "Chef'" and the key to culinary school is, "come to class". I also received books, (5) - uniforms, shoes, towels, aprons, scarfs and tools. Everything I am suppose to need. We'll see. I actually start on Tuesday as Monday is Presidents Day and a holiday. I did not meet any of my fellow students as we were all a bit shell shocked, being herded around to a bunch of locations and being told how much we would all be demoralized the first few weeks but then would get "it" and would be alright. There were also two sessions, afternoon and evening, going through together so the one person I did meet has evening classes. So I would be seeing them unless we pass each other coming and going. I have to read two chapters in Professional Cooking, one being Stocks.
By for now.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Tom. I want to be invited to your premier when u have it. Liz Gabriel