Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm Baaack!

Ok, as things pop up that are culinary related, I will relay them on to you all.  During my externship, we are asked to fill out a survey regarding Le Cordon Bleu.  Here are the two questions they asked.

1. How likely are you to recommend attending Le Cordon Bleu to a friend or colleague? 

(0=Not at all likely; 10=Extremely likely) 10 and 9 are good scores > I gave it a 5

2. What is the most important reason why you gave this score?  > There were several, but most of my response concerned what I seemed a lack of maintaining professional standards with students who missed class, didn't follow instruction and were disruptive in class.  If you read any of my class time blogs, you may remember the burned pot incident.  I also felt that getting students thru the program, i.e., completion percentage was the culprit behind some of the latitude given to those and it sort of pissed me off that it was allowed to go on.  Since I asked to be contacted regarding my answer, I went up to Hollywood campus and spoke with Chef Storms, the dean up there.  

He agreed with me.  All  except for the completion percentage thing.  He denied that.  What a shock!  So it was sort of a wasted trip. But, it was good to see Chef's Brown and Toomey, two of my former instructors.  They were excited that I had gone to Italy and wanted to know was I going to move there.   That's up to Chris. (no)

Coincidentally, I also received that same question (#1) from a former co-worker who left Arrowhead and is moving to Seattle to attend a culinary school.   I recommended Le Cordon Bleu over Art Institute of Culinary.  It's less expensive.

I rode the train up to Hollywood.  For old times sake.  Its even a bit more scary later in the morning than I remember.  Plus, being out of chef uniform, I was just a civilian on the metro.  Zuben Mehda was receiving his Star on the Walk of Fame.  Always something going on in Hollywood.

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Denise said...

I would like to start a campaign to convince Tom to begin a different blog. One maybe that captures LIFE PART 2. I hope all join me in putting the pressure on him. I miss new entries. BLOG BABY BLOG.