Monday, May 30, 2016

A Memorable Day

The three day remembrance for Memorial Day showcased our neighborhood and a Pizza/Movie night at the Richey's.  With Dylan encased in more distractions than ever before, she did very well.  Only licking one small boy to extreme giggles and causing Bailey to go swimming in our pool.  She mostly sat and observed us doing what Americans seem to do for the unofficial start of summer.

Dylan observing Memorial Day

The cuisine included making your own pizzas and a pot luck of sides and desserts.

Ladies first

Gerald and Marty loading up

The bottom sign says "Welcome to the porch"

Marty's homemade Tiramisu 

Firing up the Pizza's

The shows included vintage Bugs Bunny cartoons and the movie Sandlot.

Bugs and Friends

The Block

Chris and I give thanks to our great neighbors for making this happen.  Mike & Karen, Gerald & Debbie, Jim & Betty, Marty & Darlene, Matt & Sara, Jan & Bob, Michael & Tiffany, Rick & Andrea,  Tom and Mary, Josh & Shannon and all the kids and friends who came together to remember what we have been so blessed to receive from the sacrifices of so many men and women in our military.

Many Thanks to Debbie for the great pictures.

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