Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dylan on the Links

On course for Patriots and Paws

Posing with the Swing Sisters.  
One of the many outings we have been encouraged by GDA  is taking Dylan on a golf course.  After all, the blind enjoy many sports and games of golf are no exception.  So the day came for us to play in a charity tournament sponsored by Patriots and Paws.  This organization places displaced animals with returning Vets who suffer from the many problems our troops come home with from multiple tours of duty in the many wars we have been engaged in since 2001.  We thought this would be a good opportunity to expose Dylan to the links and maybe a few dogs.  Turns out, there weren't any dogs but there were lots of distractions.  The first being the golf cart.

Tight quarters

Now, when riding in a car, Dylan goes right to the floor, circles and lays down and goes to sleep.  Nothing to see and completely enclosed, she knows what to expect and so do we.  Riding in a golf cart...not so much!  First there is no room to circle.  Its open and all that green grass is so inviting.  Then the movement is different.  She can jump out and be free.  Of course when driving a golf cart, jumping out is not advised be you a person or a puppy.

Then there is the people!  My goodness, you would have thought these folks had never seen a dog.  After trying to explain, "Dylan is working and should not be petted" about 10 times, we just told her to sit and invited people to come up to her and get some Dylan love.

Waiting patiently for us to putt out.

Checking out Dads form
The course was hilly and had lots of speed bumps on their cart paths which made for interesting travel.  Then the part about no room to circle, also meant there was not room for her to sit or lie down.  This was after many attempts by us to put her in a place where I could safely drive and Chris could safely sit, she sat up with us in the middle and I think she was smiling the entire day.

Happy Girl
After 18 holes however, she was done.  I fed her and we went inside for our dinner and the auction and she went out faster than you could say, "Sold!"

Done for the day!
In three days we have exposed Dylan to the Blues and the Greens.  And just so you know, not once did she chase a ball or go after a squirrel.  Of course Chris covered her eyes when we saw any squirrels.  No sense taking any chances on our first golf excursion.

Please check out PatriotsandPaws.Org as they do amazing work and need all the help you could imagine an organization like this would need.

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