Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dylan does the Blues

Last night we took Dylan to her first concert.  Staged at the beautiful Segerstrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa, playing on stage were Charlie Musselwhite,  Betty LaVette and one of my all time favorites John Mayall.  This was our test to see how she acted in a large venue with music.  Hearing applause, loud music and hand clapping is new for her and we were prepared to exit if indeed she got unruly.  Needn't to worry.  What a champ!

In the building waiting outside the Hall, people watching.

Fogging up the glass.

Sitting with our friends Lori  and Dan

Once the music started, Dylan took notice and was really into the sounds of Charlie Musselwhite.

But like most things with dogs, after a while it was sleep time and Dylan was no exception to that rule.

A fun night with our puppy and a great night for some blues.

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