Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2 Down - 2 to Go

All right! That wasn't so hard. Our practical tests consisted of knife cuts of Julienne potato, Macedoine of onion , Batonnet of carrot and potato tourne. Piece of cake. Our "cooking" practical was making mayonnaise. Mine broke, (too much oil) but I made the save with one more egg yoke, in less than 12 minutes. We had 15 minutes to complete the mayo. Seasoned perfect, but not quite firm enough. I'd eat it with some tuna or egg salad. Yummy! Only forgot one thing, PRESENTATION! A zest of lemon would have made it perfect. Next time I'll remember!

Tomorrow is our written ServSafe certification test and our final foundations written exam. Then a beer to celebrate the end of our first six weeks.

Or better yet, some cheap Champagne.

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