Friday, June 18, 2010

Everybody Stay Together

Field trips. Remember way back when as school kids, you would go to the museum, or visit a fire station. A teacher in front, a teacher in back to herd you along, making sure no one got lost. I mention this because as I mentioned on my last blog, we were taking a field trip to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Now, as I get to the hotel, here stands twenty 20 culinary students, dressed in chef's garb, sans our hats, on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave. Across the street is the famous Graumann's Chinese Theater. Tourist every where, posing for pictures with a celebrities star on the Walk of Fame. So finally, our Chef (teacher) says it's time to go inside. Thank God! Ah, but not by way of the front entrance. Nope, we went through the Service Entrance. Seems the hotel management didn't want a parade of chef's walking thru the lobby. I had to laugh. I better get used to it I guess.

The kitchen at the hotel is small. Only 7 cooks work in the kitchen at a time. The hotel has 250 rooms, three restaurants, a pool cabana that serves food, food at the bar and lobby sitting area. They put out 500 meals (covers) a day, which includes room service, working 24/7. Not including banquets, which can include up to 600 people. All with 7 cooks and one dishwasher.

Maybe I should look into that truck driving school. Truck Master's I think it is?

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