Thursday, June 24, 2010

Break Time

A bit of a disappointment this morning as our ServSafe test did not show up from Chicago. So we get to take it when we come back in July. The final for Foundations I went well. So overall, I'm feeling good and looking forward to getting back to it next month. I got 90% on my practical exam. Without the final I'm at 97%. Who da thunk it?

Yesterday, the International class did a buffet of Oriental food. God, I love those buffets. After class today, I went in an observed the baking class do their practical exam. They were making chocolate something or other. This was the class I would have been in if I hadn't dropped out in February to go to the British Virgin Islands in April. They're finished in August. Believe me, it was the right decision to drop out. I got to go on a great trip and still get to do this. Looking forward to 11 days off and seeing my big bro Jimmy. He's coming down for a visit next week.

I want to thank those that have let me know they are reading this journal of mine. It's fun for me and I hope somewhat entertaining for you all.

I'll be back in about 11 days. Foundations II awaits me!


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Erin said...

I'm so proud of you daddy!!! Congratulations on your first 6 weeks!! You're going to be an amazing chef! XOXO