Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Soup anyone?

That's right, we are talking about soup. A little history for you; In 1765, a Parisian named Boulanger began advertising at his stew shop that he served a thin sauce, which he called Restoratives or Restaurants. The word Restoratives which roughly translated means "to fortify" that later became Restaurant. The very first entree at his Restorative was, you guess it, sheep's feet in a cream sauce. Well, maybe you didn't guess that. However, never let the facts get in the way of a good story. He also served this thin sauce called soup. He actually had to win in court the right to serve his soup to the public because a guild of stew makers sued him for making it available at his shop. Uppity French!

We observed Chef making Shrimp Bisque and the ever popular Vichyssoise. Better than observing was tasting what Chef made. Vichyssoise, or cold soup, was first tasted hot and was excellent. Once chilled, the soup needed a bunch more salt. So if you make cold potato soup, be sure to taste it once hot and then again when it is cold. It will need more salt. Hot soup in a hot bowl, cold soup in a chilled bowl. One of the soup rules you need to know about. Friday, we get to observe the making of Consomme.

Thursday we are going on another field trip to the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Site of the very first Academy Awards. We get to tour their kitchen. "Pretty cool stuff," as our Chef is always saying.

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Erin said...

Did you ever at any time today want to say..."No SOUP for you!!!" =)