Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bringing it Home

After yesterday, we are done with demonstrations on Les Cussions and soup demo's. No more Leader sauces, mayo making or learning more French terms. It's time to take the tests. Now I have to tell you, in high school, test taking was not my forte. I knew the stuff, but sucked taking tests. In culinary and ServSafe classes I know the stuff, but I have sucked in taking tests. I shine during test reviews. Calling out one correct answer after another. Getting ooh's and ahh's from my younger classmates. But, I suck in taking tests.

So in the last few days of week 6, I have finals. Today is final test reviews, Wednesday and Thursday are the tests. I will shut up today during review. Not wow anyone with my superior pre-test knowledge and see if I can not suck in taking the finals. Time to bring it home.


Linda C. said...

You can bring home the bacon,
fry it up in the pan,
study for finals
while making a flan.

Don't sweat the test days,
you'll do all right
the question to answer is
"what's cookin' tonight ?"

So sip a glass of wine,
have a tartine of foie gras,
savor these moments ...
You can do it, Thom-ah !

=o) Linda

ps: I won't say "break a leg" ... but rather "merde !" like they do here. Hey, you have your own SoFrance cheering section. That must be worth some extra credit points. <3

Erin said...

Awwwww....Linda I LOVE your poem!!! So sweet!!! Dad...you'll do fine! Just pretend that your real tests are only practice tests! And PROOFREAD everything!! That's what you guys always told me! And don't be like me and try to always be the first one done. It never failed to bite me in the butt!!